Natural Gas Rates

Natural Gas Rates

QFB Energy offers competitive natural gas rates. QFB Energy reviews the goals of each individual organization. Whether it is to get the absolute lowest rate possible for a shorter period of time or to secure rates for well into the future, QFB will present the right supply choice at the lowest possible natural gas rates.  This comes from experience in the market.

How do natural gas markets work?

There are two methods business typically use when purchasing natural gas:

Variable Pricing: Is a 12-month contract to purchase all needed quantities gas at the NYMEX (or other specific market) price.  This pricing is speculative and can lead a customer into high rates if storage numbers dwindle and demand numbers spike.

Flat rates: Can be secured for natural gas when markets are lower.  Customers are asked to lock in a percentage of their usage when they sign a contract.  Typically a customer will lock in 90% of their usage and have gas that is needed in excess of the locked amount priced at a variable rate based on index pricing.  They can elect any amount that they would like to fix.  Any gas that is not used will be purchased back by the supplier.  They can also have any of the gas not used for a given month go into storage for their account and used in a month at the fixed rate when their usage exceeds a locked amount.

Natural gas customers can expect to save up to 25% over the utility on their natural gas rates if they lock the rate in when pricing is low.

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