Energy Brokering Services

Energy Brokering Services

QFB Energy is a brokerage firm that provides energy solutions for businesses and institutions. QFB Energy has experience with companies/institutions large and small and the expertise to provide individualized service and competitive rates from the sources that meet your long-term goals.

Whether it is your objective to get the lowest possible rate in the short term or secure rates well into the future, QFB Energy can assist.

Why should your organization consider using a broker to purchase electricity?

Electricity rates vary based on the amount of usage and the load factors for that usage. Most suppliers also rely on independent systems operators to run their grid. The independent systems operators (ISO) include charges in the supply rates for electricity. These ISO charge differently based on geographic area. Taxes are separated out from all suppliers and included on monthly invoices. All of this makes an electricity broker more valuable because the language in every supplier’s contract can make a rate readjust even if a contract is locked at a fixed price. Clients need to know how these ISO changes can affect them before they sign an agreement with a supplier.

Why should you use a broker to purchase natural gas?

Natural gas markets are very volatile and this can have an adverse effect on a budget if these rates are not fixed at the proper times. A natural gas broker such as QFB Energy can monitor the volatile natural gas market daily in order to lock in rates when natural gas is inexpensive.

Advantages of using a broker include:

  • Energy brokers have experience in timing the market to get the best rates possible.
  • Energy brokers protect your business against subtle contract clauses from suppliers that will cost you money.
  • Energy brokers separate your business from the potential suppliers, leaving you to focus on running your business/institution rather than dealing with multiple suppliers/contracts. This saves both time and money.
  • An effective energy broker makes transitioning from one supplier to another very simple.
  • Shopping the market with an energy broker can help give you peace of mind that you are getting the best deal possible from a preferred supplier.

Please give us a call at 888-947-8460 to discuss how QFB Energy can save energy costs for your organization.  

Please give us a call at (888) 947-8460 or send us an email to discuss how QFB Energy can help your organization save money on its energy rates.

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