Electricity Rates

Electricity Rates

QFB Energy offers competitive electricity rates. QFB Energy will provide energy brokering services and have the supplier selected pay the consulting fee. We will provide quotes from a minimum of four registered alternative suppliers. The pricing will be monitored daily to get the best day to lock in the rate and the consulting fee will be billed as part of the per kwh price monthly on the supplier invoice. Companies may choose this option if they anticipate a closure to a location, reduced usage from efficiencies at plants, usage is seasonal, or the cost of electricity can be added to the cost of producing product in the same accounting period. Administrative costs are reduced over the fixed fee option if the annual fee is being paid from a monthly invoice. The downside to this process is that only suppliers that have a contract with QFB Energy can be considered in the bidding process.

Flexible Payment Options

QFB Energy is unique because you can choose the consulting services that match your needs. Brokers are restricted to offering natural gas and electric contracts from the suppliers that they represent. QFB Energy can offer supply options from every alternative supplier in the area's market through a flat fee consulting agreement.  It is unique for a broker to offer consulting services on a flat fee basis. This gives you the flexibility in the plan that you choose for your electricity rates.  Additionally, flat fee billing can be broken down over the length of the contract, or brokering serviced based on a per kwh basis over the length of a contract may be better options for some companies/institutions. 

Advantages of using a brokerage payment method:

  • Rate is included in the price of the energy product.
  • Consulting fees do not have to be paid by an organization in order to achieve the best market rates.
  • Management can work with one point of contact instead of multiple salespeople from multiple companies.

Advantages of using a flat fee payment method:

  • Brokerage rates are higher for smaller clients and that increases the cost for Illinois electricity rates.
  • Only suppliers that have contracts with the broker are considered.
  • Some suppliers limit activity with brokers and that may limit the supplier network for a client.

Why use an electricity broker?

Electricity rates vary based on the amount of usage and the load factors for that usage.   Many suppliers also rely on independent systems operators to run their grid.  The independent systems operators (ISO) include charges in the supply rates for electricity.  These ISO charges are different in different geographic areas as well.  Taxes are separated out from all suppliers and included on monthly invoices.  This makes an electricity broker more valuable because language in every supplier’s contract can make a rate change even if a contract is locked at a fixed price.  Client’s need to know how these ISO changes can affect them before they sign an agreement with a supplier.

  • Electricity brokers have experience in timing the market to get the best rates possible.
  • Electricity brokers protect your business against subtle contract clauses from suppliers that will cost businesses money.
  • Electricity brokers separate your business from the potential suppliers, leaving you to focus on running your business rather than dealing with multiple suppliers. This will save you time and money.
  • An effective electricity broker makes transitioning from one supplier to another very simple. Many customers are afraid to switch from one supplier to another because they are uncomfortable. Electricity brokers can facilitate change.
  • Shopping the market with an electricity broker will give customers peace of mind that they are getting the best Illinois electricity rates and from a preferred supplier.

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