Energy Management Solution

Energy Management Solution

Take Control of Energy Costs by using an Energy Management Solution

QFB Energy’s energy management platform solves issues such as high administrative costs that come with manual reporting, siloed data between numerous service providers, difficulty identifying ROI of efficiency projects, sustainability reporting requirements, and more...

The energy management platform provides monitoring, analysis, auditing and invoice processing with these features:

  • Customize dashboard – provides a level of KPI for users
  • Sustainability -  benchmark data based on buildings or regions for consumption, demand and costs
  • Utility budgeting – allocate capital efficiently by budgeting based on consumption, forecasting, supply market, and tariff rates
  • Reporting – automated monthly reporting with excel capabilities
  • Real time monitoring – get real time data along with utility bill data  
  • Invoice management and auditing – manage invoices with multiple sources, catching billing errors with data range overlap, abnormal variances, and unreasonable usage.


Recognizing more efficient ways to use and budget your energy costs is a way to take control over your energy costs. 

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