Efficiency Projects

Efficiency Projects

Reduce Operating Costs with Energy Efficiency Program

Many businesses, non-profit and public sector organizations can take advantage of cash incentives to help offset project costs and move your energy efficiency projects forward. Energy efficiency projects completed through the program can improve comfort, reduce operating expenses and boost your bottom line.

QFB Energy aligns with partners to work with that provide clients in obtaining energy efficiency goals for your facilities. Our services are all inclusive from a no cost obligation energy efficiency audit to implementation of recommended efficiency projects. This is a no hassle process that will allow you to gather the information that you need to become more energy efficient.  Here are just a few ideas on improving energy savings with upgrading or modifying your current facilities:

Project ideas include:

  • No-cost/low-cost energy efficiency improvements
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Intelligent IIOT lighting
  • New heating and cooling equipment
  • Ventilation controls
  • ENERGY STAR kitchen equipment
  • Motor upgrades
  • Steam system improvements
  • Automated controlled equipment 
  • Energy management systems

For more information on a Efficiency Program and its available incentives and resources contact us at (888) 947-8460 or email info@qfbenergy.com.

Please give us a call at (888) 947-8460 or send us an email to discuss how QFB Energy can help your organization save money on its energy rates.

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