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Generation - Green Energy Solutions

It's as Easy as ABC: Going Solar for your Organization

As solar energy continues to spread across rooftops and fields throughout the country, organizations are joining the energy revolution to save money on their operating costs. Through QFB Energy and our solar partners, Illinois organizations can take advantage of solar energy and its numerous benefits, such as price savings and budget certainty.

How Solar Works for Your Budget

The most price-efficient method for organizations to go solar is through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Through a PPA, your chosen solar provider pays for the solar system's installation, and owns it for the term of the agreement. The organization is then able to procure electricity from the system through a fixed-price contract ($/kWh) at a rate that is lower than what the school currently pays the utility. These agreements last for a predetermined period (generally 20 years) during which the fixed rate allows organizations to plan their energy budget many years ahead, as well as save money during price spikes in the retail electricity market.

A PPA also makes solar easy to adopt. Through a PPA, your chosen solar provider builds and maintains the system, eliminating any potential construction or upkeep headaches. In addition, your solar provider handles the financing of the system, including the utilization of the tax credits involved with the project that many customers are not well-positioned to monetize, maximizing the financial efficiency of the solar system to reach the lowest energy rate possible.

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